Find the perfect beverage for your next visit! Mixed drinks are available at our locations with a bar.


Tequila Sunrise

A highball glass with crushed ice, tequila, orange juice and grenadine.

The Rising Sun

A cocktail glass with tequila, cointreau, orange juice and grenadine.


A cocktail glass with salty rim, crushed ice, tequila and lime juice.

Iced Margarita

Margarita with crushed ice and flavor of lime, or strawberry.

Toro Bravo

A tumbler glass with tequila, kahlua and crushed ice.

Bloody Maria

Tequila and tomato juice mixed together with spicy seasoning.

Charro Negro

Tumbler glass with salty rim, tequila, crushed ice, lime juice, and cola.

Tequila Straight

A shot glass of tequila with wedge of lime and salt.


Pina Colada

White rum with pineapple juice and coconut cream.

Cuba Libre

A highball glass with cracked ice, white rum, lime juice and cola.


A cocktail glass with white rum and lemon juice or strawberry.

Tom Collins

A highball glass with ice, gin, lemon juice and soda.

Bloody Mary

A highball glass with ice cubes, vodka, tomato and spicy lime juice.

Black Russian

A tumbler glass with vodka and kahlua mixed with ice cubes.

Screw Driver

A tumbler glass loaded with ice cubes, vodka and orange juice.

Perfect Manhattan

A cocktail glass with ice, whiskey, dry sweet vermouth, cherry.


Red Rose

Rose is distinguished by a greater range of fuller flavors. It's light body makes it easy to enjoy.

Chablis Blanc

Well-balanced, dry and light-bodied. Combines crisp hints of bright green apple with a clean finish.

White Zinfandel

Light body, fruit-forward flavors with bright notes of fresh strawberry.


Deep, rich, hearty dry, yet full of flavor with delicious hints of black cherry.


Grand Marnier

Top-quality cognac blended with distilled juice of Caribbean oranges. Served on its own as the best cognac is.

Amaretto Disaronno

Based on brandy with almond extract along with appricot kernels. Enjoyable on its own or poured over crushed ice.


Based on white cane rum coffee-flavored and a broad range of spices. Served over crushed ice.


A blend of Irish whiskey and cream flavored with cocoa. Served on the rocks in a brandy glass.

Soft Drinks

Aguas Frescas

Horchata, Hibiscus, Tamarind, Melon, Pineapple, or Strawberry. Availability may vary per season and location.

Cafe de Olla

Freshly ground coffee brewed with cinnamon and other spices, and sweetened with piloncillo.

Milk Shakes

Strawberry, banana, or mixed milk shakes.

Coffee (Regular or Decaf)


Chocolate Milk
Orange Juice

This is our standard menu. Items may vary by location, and may not be available at all of our restaurants.

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